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Signs for Knowing Acne by Connector or Acne by Cosmetic

How to distinguish between acne hormones and acne caused by cosmetics is a question that many people ask. We would like to share some ways to distinguish between endocrine acne and cosmetic acne to help you easily identify acne and can find yourself an appropriate treatment.


The main cause of hormonal acne is due to hormonal changes, or due to an imbalance in Androgen hormones (for women) and Oestrogens (for men). Then the skin will produce a lot of oil and sebum, combined with dirt, dead cells … causing clogged pores causing acne, swelling, inflammation … Endocrine acne is often difficult to treat at the root. between surface and oral methods that help balance hormones.

Signs for Knowing Acne by Connector or Acne by Cosmetic
Endocrine acne
How to identify endocrine acne is quite simple:

Time of acne formation:  Usually acne will appear on the days adjacent to or in the days “to month” of you. As we all know, the month of menstruation in women is the day when hormonal factors will have certain changes and this has made acne have the opportunity to develop.

Locations of acne:  endocrine acne usually grows in the area of ​​the mouth, jaw bone, cheekbone.

Shape of acne:  has a spherical shape, round, the nucleus is deep in the acne and it is easy to form acne, acne, boils. These types of acne when grown will swell inflammation, causing burning pain when touched.


The cause of acne is caused by atopic allergies to a number of ingredients in cosmetics, especially cosmetics containing  Corticoid ingredients . Corticosteroids are toxic to the skin in Group B (as prescribed by the Ministry of Health), corticosteroid dermatitis is the leading cause of skin damage for many people.

Signs for Knowing Acne by Connector or Acne by Cosmetic
Acne due to cosmetics

Moreover, acne can also be formed when the skin is allergic to cosmetics, foundation, sunscreen, including genuine cosmetic users.

In addition, there are some cases that are allergic to facial masks from fruits, vinegar, lemon, Chinese medicine … causing itchy skin surface and detailed acne.

How to identify acne:

Time of formation:  Acne caused by cosmetics is often very noticeable, in some cases there will be signs of itching, redness, tiny blisters but no acne immediately after using cosmetics or after about 1 time to use newly formed acne.

Pimples:  Depending on the situation, the level of chemicals in cosmetics, the pimples will be different. In mild cases, acne will initially appear as small, tiny red bumps around the forehead, then the cheeks and surrounding areas. However, there are some serious cases, acne will appear “massively” on the whole face, making the face red, itchy, burning.

Shape of acne : Acne due to allergies is usually swollen, small, white head but cannot get acne like rash, it is often rough and itchy. In particular, flushed skin has a slight burning sensation.

Treating acne is not really difficult, just that you do not understand acne well and have not found the right treatment. Before choosing any skin care product or method you need to know about them, do not let money “lose disability” because of your subjectivity.

Other causes of acne

Signs for Knowing Acne by Connector or Acne by Cosmetic

Eat lots of hot spicy food, grease, drink stimulants : These foods and drinks stimulate the sebaceous gland to work hard and heat the liver, so acne easily forms in large numbers. Better yet, you limit and need to increase green vegetables, fresh fruits, drink enough 2 liters of water a day, you will see the change in your health and skin.

Stress, lack of sleep : Anxiety, stress, stress, staying up late, lack of sleep increase cortisol levels in the body, thereby causing inflammation and increased oil secretion on the skin, acne results will appear. The solution is to keep the spirit of joy, positive thinking, going to bed early and getting enough sleep 7-8 hours a day to have a healthy body, smooth, youthful skin.

Drap, drap and pillows are dirty : Bacteria often accumulate in blankets, drap and pillows, accompanied by sweat, sebum, dirt. The fact that you do not clean periodically, during sleep face and body in contact with them, will make acne proliferation, inflammation. So, try to wash your pillow regularly 2-3 times a week, blankets and sheets twice a month, both help sleep better, and prevent acne.

In addition, not removing makeup, poor facial hygiene, hot weather, habits of touching your face and squeezing acne, too long hair … are also the leading factors causing acne. When acne caused by these problems, you should pay attention to make-up thoroughly, wash your face 2-3 times a day, wear a mask every time you go to the street, wipe your face clean when sweating, do not squeeze acne, do not use Dirty hands touch face and hair neatly.