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Today people tend to choose acne home remedies over chemical-based products. This makes sense because the use of acne home remedies won’t bring about negative side-effects to the user, whereas chemical products have been found able to create so many harmful consequences especially when the products are utilized in the long term. Additionally, home treatments are usually cheaper than the specifically manufactured products being created to fight acne. For example, a mixture of lemon extract with several drops of rose water can be the perfect cure for acne. The mixture should be equal in amount, i.e. a drop of lemon extract should be mixed with a drop of rose water.

Mint leaves can be among the best acne home remedies. If you have oily skin that is prone to be affected by acne on a regular basis, it is best if you grow your own acne home remedies, i.e. the mint plants at home. The fresher the leaves, the better they are for your skin. Just pluck one or two mint leaves, wash them and crush them with your fingers. Then, rub the crushed leaves all over your face. The juice from the mint leaves is rich in anti-bacterial agents, and thus it kills acne-causing bacteria effectively.

Apart from those two acne home remedies mentioned above, strawberry leaves and orange peel can also be used to reduce swollen acne. These two ingredients can be used individually or mixed together. The best way to prepare these remedies is by meshing them up using a mixer and adding up a bit of water to create a paste.

All in all, simple but effective acne remedies can be prepared at home with ease. It is always better to choose natural acne home remedies because they are safer and even more cost-effective when compared to the chemical acne-treating products.